Saturday, January 26, 2008

'Thrill of the Kill" Episode 2

The Ocean: A vast expanse of seas, home to some of the deadliest, most horrifying creatures known to man. Gigantic Sting Rays with piercing barbs able to rip out a mans soul (eg Steve Irvin, personal hero). Carnivorous sharks which move with such grace and ease under water, but with a sudden explosion of speed, you just lost yourself a toddler. There is an old myth that sharks are just as scared of humans as humans are of sharks. How far this is from the 'real' truth.
When Tom(Destination Unknown) Triffitt
James(I drink blood) Sayers
Paul(If it moves, kill it) Scicluna
and Cade(Dead Meat) Triffitt
take the water, sharks are not afraid of them, they are more or less petrified.
The sharks on the East Coast of Tasmania during the days of Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th of January called an anual strike from the water becuase they heard the boys were in town. Most of them spent their evenings doing cross-stitch and building themselves their own underwater cramation centre, just incase.

As i mentioned in my last blog, I have the uncanny ability of detecting shark language. We were cruising along ontop of the water when i heard a very faint "Help, Help!". As the sounds grew nearer, I had an outburst. "Stop, stop the boat!" I dove, Geronimo! Just underneath me i found a cray pot, with two small Draughtboard Sharks. "Oh crap", I heard one say as it realised who was coming to save it. "Have no fear, and be of good cheer. For I, Cade, have come to save you from your perious times". As i saved these beautfiul creatures, only one came back to thank me for my courage, just like the selfish leppers. I told him to go, get his buddie to come unto me. When they did so, I put a spear through each of their heads to teach them a lesson in life.
What a Thrill!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Brother T.

I cry my self to sleep, most nights.
I lay awake till the early hours of the morning staring at a mark on the way where he once kicked the football at... such a silly boy.
Sometimes I dream of him and I going out and taking on the world in a Batman and Robin type of manner, ridding it of evil.
Its been 1 year and 6 days since he left me high and dry, searching for someone to fill his shoes and become the brother to me they were born to be.
His name is Elder Ty Anthoney Triffitt... And its about time he came home.
If your out there Ty, remember the days we used to fight, and kick the football, and then fight some more... ahh the days. Seems like years ago...

Luckily for me bro, I have found a couple of replacements for the mean time. Who knows, you might even be able to stay a couple more years. fingers crossed.
One is the newest addition to the family, Christopher Bellette. He payed 5 cows for Filipa, quite generous of him really, but i guess if thats his thing, he should go for it.

The other is the one we all know so much about, Little O. We do some stuff together, we go through good times and bad. At the moment we arnt best friends, just good friends. Im ok with that though... he is just growing up. He will learn to deal with the attention.

So this is to my brother. Love you, Miss you, Proud you.
P.B Out

Sunday, January 6, 2008

'Thrill of the Kill'

I enjoy killing stuff... I'm not talking your average murderer. I dont kill humans, thats not my thing. I'm not a Japanese whaler, thats not how i roll... And i dont do it for the 'thrill of the kill' as a few of my mates at Risdon describe their monstrocity. I just think diving under water with a spear and knife is a pretty awesome thing... Sure its dangerous, i lose count of the times i have been hit by a sting ray or bitten by a shark, but thats life. It takes courage, I bet Nephi did it.

Our crew to the West Coast of Tasmania consisted of...
Tom(Destination Unknown) Triffitt
James(I drink blood) Sayers
Paul (If it moves, kill it) Scicluna
Cade(Dead Meat) Triffitt

We had some fun. Did some photo shoots, bit of diving, couple more photo shoots, food, dive, and photo shoots. Its all about the memories...

For years now i have developed this uncanny ability to hear the fishes/sharks/whales talking to each other... We have a type of spiritual connection which i dont think can be described to the people through blogging. For instance whilst diving under a nice rock shelf i heard a female shark tell her husband, i suspect, that she was just heading down to the shops to get some fish. As the story turns out, i found myself on a rapid chase through all forms of sea life. Until i finally got my prized shark... (smiley face)

There you have it folks, another Peoples Blogger secret uncovered... If you have been keeping count you should have now discovered 7 of my super secrets. For those who are interested i can do a post on this at a later stage when i figure out the next 3 of my secrets.

PB signing out...

Monday, December 31, 2007

2008... Its Gonna Be Great!

Im EXCITED! I dont just mean that little bit of excitement you feel when you win the lottery or something as insignificant as that. I mean the kind of excited that makes you want to jump up and down and maybe do a little bit of wee. The reason for my over arousal levels are simple, its a new year. I can get rid of all my bad habits, atleast for the next couple weeks anyway. No more picking my nose because it always causes blood clots, no more being too nice to people that they take advantage of me(happens everyday) and also at Toms Log Homes and Cabins(c) i will attempt to slow down and let people work at the same pace as me so they dont feel inferior. Thats usually why most of Dads employe's actually resign, it must be tough for them... :(
Also i just want to publically say how much i hate the new years celebrations. All the fire works and crap cost so much money when they could give them to charitys or underprivilleged children or anything like that, its ridiculous... That was me being serious.
Ok well I hope we all have a great year, after all this is 'our' year. The Year of the Bloggers as they call it in Kuala Lumpaur, or maybe even Tokyo. I lose track of all the year, im getting so old and wise.
Say Hi to your Mum for me?
Peoples Blogger

Monday, December 24, 2007

Here Comes the Fat Man!

Today didn't feel like christmas eve, today felt like the Vietnam war, fighting off the enemy whilst holding my mate through his final breath...I had planned on spending the day buying presents and getting into the christmas spirit by doing self inspired service projects for the elderly and looking after small children for free. When all of a sudden Mother and Father (Aka the Grinches who attempted to steal Cade, the peoples bloggers christmas) said I had to go to work. As all inspirational stories have it, there are people that try to bring the hero down, in this case, it was the Grinches. I stuck to my guns, and refused work (very noble of me I thought) which caused much tension, and the possibility of no presents. No presents did not bother me, I was going to give them all to various charitys anyway, its the kids that will suffer. Lo and Behold, I wish not to dwell on the events of the past 24 hours. A personal motto of mine is "I smash the bridges behind me, so i have no choice but to look forward". Write that down folks, you can learn much from a 17 year old boy...
Here is a picture of one of the unhappy Grinches.
As the day grew old, the night awoken to the sound of a distant siren. My instincts took over, I leaped to my feet and put on my volunteer firefighter uniform. As the fire engine approached my next thoughts were 'why are there children lining the foot paths?' and 'is that Santa on the fire engine?'. The next few minutes are a blur, i became partially unconscious after being violently struck by some kind of cheap hard boiled lolly thrown by one of Santa's elf's, stupid midget. This was the happiest moments of my life...
I was happier than the children...
Happily Unconscious on the road.
I really enjoy Sushi. Whilst everybody was eating platters and dips of different arrangements, I went about making myself a nice little feed on Tuna, Salmon and Turkey Sushis! I thought its been a hard year for me, why not indulge myself a little.
A christmas tradition for me since the beginning of time has been a little game I like to call 'The Line Game'. I take pride in being the most spoilt, or as I like to put it, the most blessed. My line is usually the longest, in turn I am usually the winner. As you can see, during the 'line off 07', I got off to an ordinary start. Whilst Tommy T jumped out of the blocks early...
It appears that everyone bought me presents and then put them in the washing machine and they then shrunk. Not on guys. I came home strong, but to Oscars credit I couldn't reel him in. He basically ate me for breakfast. Congratulations little O, you were the better kid on the year... Here are a few more happy snaps of the joy the Line Game brings me, imagine if i'd won!

So now I'm kicking back watching the carols on Win, just soaking in the events of this challenging yet fulfilling day. I just saw a 14 year old girl sing, I think i'm in love. But i didnt catch her name. If anyone can help me, please do. I want to search her on youtube. She was on just before Kate Sabrano.
Well i hope my christmas blog has lived upto expectations. I've spent weeks drafting and redrafting, hoping to get the perfect mix and i think I have. As always, comments are what I'm all about, so tell me what you think. I'm a man, i can take it.
Look forward to a massive year of blogging in 2008.
Yours sincerely
Cade (The Peoples Blogger) Triffitt

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'll be frank with my people, after all this is the 'people's blog'. I thought i'd get more comments from you all, blogging has become my life. I love it, i breathe it... And it makes the air smell that much more fresh when there are a few comments here and there. But at the moment i have hit a bit of a drought... Maybe its me, maybe my blogs arnt interesting enough. If thats the case, drop me a comment and tell me how i can improve. If they are good enough, tell me im doing well, like some kind of computer pat on the back ill take it as...

Kind regards, The 'Peoples Blogger'.

P.S Look forward till my next Christmas Blog, its sure to be the best one yet but i have to wait till Monday night to post it... im still drafting it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

And the Best Uncle Award Goes to....

Oscar and I have lots of fun. I like to call him mini me, because we are best freinds and he does things i do. Example...

Im very proud and honoured to be recognised by my peers as the best uncle, its a title i don't take lightly. I have had many sleepless nights thinking of ways i can better myself in entertaining children. Let me tell you, it can be very difficult. I teach him to say things like "what a bargain" and "hey man", to which we have added the hand symbol below.
By having fun i am also teaching mini me to say no to drugs. As you can see in the picture below my hand is in the shape of a bong, to which everyone can associate the use of cannibis and other illegal drugs. You can see by the look on Little O's face that he does not approve and is astounded with such insanity.

And you ask yoursleves, "why should Cade Lester Triffitt of Quinlan Cres be voted best uncle?".

Need i say more?
Say Hi to your mum for me...